What does Bareroot Hedging mean?

Bareroot Season

Bare root season runs from November through to March. Bareroot hedging are plants that are dormant and sleeping, as it is too cold for them to grow. The bareroot hedging plants and trees are lifted from the nursery without any soil/pot.  They they are put into bundles of 10 or 25 depending on the variety and size of plants.

The bareroot plants are stored in the ground to keep the roots covered and damp. It is recommended that when you purchase your plants to plant them as soon as possible. After buying the bareroot plants, its important to keep the roots covered so as they don’t dry out in the wind or get damaged by the frost.

Storage of Bareroot Plants

To store the bare root plants for longer than a few days, you can heel them in. What does this entail? Dig a hole large enough for the whole bundle of plants to be put into the soil and cover the roots. If you’re unsure of how to do this, just ask when you’re here collecting your plants. It’s no bother to show you.

Planting Bareroot Plants

When you are ready to plant them, take them out of the wrapping as you are ready to plant each one. Put the roots of the bare root plants into a bucket of water prior to planting.   Keep the bareroot plants in the bucket or keep the roots of the plant covered until you are putting it in the prepared soil.

Pictured here is Bareroot Whitethorn Hedging

When you examine the plant you will see the old soil mark on the stem.  It is this mark that you use as your guide of how deep to plant. The mark on the stem should be level with the soil surface once you have planted it. Bare root plants are generally the best way to grow hedging as they are a cheaper alternative to purchasing plants in pots.

Bareroot Trees

Trees can also be purchased bare root. They can vary in size and price, buying whips, that are 2 feet tall, to established and mature trees to 8 feet tall and beyond. There are so many tree sizes and varieties available it is hard to have everything available on our website.  If you have a particular tree in mind, give me a call and I will happily provide a quote.

When planting trees it is important to remember to stake the trees. This will prevent them from rocking in the wind and allow them to get established and give the roots the opportunity to anchor into the ground.

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