Top 8 Autumn Flowering Perennials

Top 8 Autumn Flowering Perennials

It’s funny, the kids are in school in my house until June, but come August, after just a month off, it feels like it’s already time to get ready to go back… and while I love the routine of school, I really enjoy our lazy start to the mornings and chilling outside with my coffee. I find that this time of year I’m starting to loose a lot of colour from my garden, the lupins are starting to go off, as are the Delphiniums and so I’m looking for something to bring that extra bit of life and flower to the garden. There is plenty of plants that will give you colour over the next few months, these are some of my top picks.




Rudbeckia – reliable to come back every year.  It’s a yellow flower that looks stunning at the back of the border – giving you an instant kick of colour.  I like to plant 3 of these together for a great impact for August, well into September and October if the weather is kind.





Chrysanthemum – I love these in the bronze colours, it really is Autumn in a flower.  They will flower right through till October and come back year after year.  They are great to fill a pot that is looking a little worse for wear , just pop one of these in and you’re done till nearly Christmas.




Alstromeria – these come in a variety of colours, Summer Break, Summer Breeze, Indian Summer are all taller varieties, but you can get dwarf varieties too.  They will flower from May until nearly November and last for 3 weeks in your vase.  I have Indian Summer in my own garden, and it is quite big, so allow room for growing over the season.




Sedum – the leaves on the Sedum are like rubber to touch – interesting for a sensory garden.  The butterflies adore the sedum come September when it is top heavy with pink flowers.  Really easy to grow and maintain.

Dahlias – for long lasting colour over the summer months, you can hardly beat the Dahlias.  They come in a variety of colours, heights, big blousey doubles, or maybe your preference is for a simple single flower, green and purple foliage there is so much choice when it comes to Dahlias and they will flower well into October.


Actea – these having a stunning scent to their long white flowers, or they may have a touch of pink.  They can get quite tall and so I would recommend to plant at the back of your seating area – where you’ll be able to enjoy the scent come September evenings.





Japanese Anemone – a favourite during the Autumn, it can do well planted under trees.  The Japanese Anemone can self seed happily in your garden, but if you don’t like where they have landed, simply pull them out.

Nerine – traditionally planted from bulbs, you will find that they will start to flower towards the end of August and into September.  They like to be planted in dry sunny spot and don’t mind being planted in poor soil.


I love Autumn Perennials and how they can extend the garden beyond July and well into August.  They can even extend the Autumn flowering into September or October depending on the flowers that you have picked.  This year my own Rudbeckia is flowering up a storm already, as is my Indian Summer Alstromeria. This year, my plants of choice for Autumn Flowering plants are I think the Chrysanthemums and Sedums.  I love the sensory of the Sedum and the fact that the butterflies love it means that the kids will enjoy watching them over the next few months too.  Enjoy your Autumn garden, and if you decide to plant anything, or have something that is looking amazing right now, tag me on my Instagram I love to see how you’re all getting on.

Farmer’s Market at Rockbarton

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