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The Joys of September

The Joys of September

September is a joyous, fantabulous and wonderful time.  It really is a lovely, lovely month.  The kids are going back to school on Wednesday and I have my hula hoop at the ready.  I might start with a couple of Pornstar Martinis on Wednesday morning and then have a go at the hula hooping.   It’s all part of my new wellness regime.

Feeling hot hot hot !

It has been fine and sunny now for several weeks.  In fact, there really hasn’t been a lot of rain at all this summer.  It has been great for the summer bedding.  I have been dutifully dead heading my window boxes and containers to keep them looking their best.  However, I have noticed that the trees are suffering.  If you have recently planted trees, or even new hedging this year, make sure to check them for water.  If you notice the leaves starting to droop then you need to take immediate action and give them a good watering.  I have seen mature birch trees looking a little worse for wear lately and they usually love our Irish climate.  I think they’re missing the rain over the last few months.

Also, it would be a good idea to check the tree ties on your trees to make sure that they’re not too tight.  The trees will have grown over the summer months, so ensure to loosen their ties a little so that they’re not biting into the tree bark.

Lavender Pruning

September is normally the month when the lavender is finished flowering.  If you  want to stop your lavender getting woody stems, I’d recommend pruning it this month.  This helps to keep the lavender in a compact shape. When cutting it back, make sure that you don’t cut into the woody part of the stem, just cut it back to above the woody part.  This will ensure that your Lavender stays neat and compact.


Daffodils, Tulips, Alliums, Snowdrops and Crocus bulbs are all available for planting around now.  September is a great time to start planting bulbs for the promise of colour next Spring.  It’s hard to think about planting something now when you won’t see the benefit of until after Christmas into Spring, but believe me your future self will thank you for it. When St. Brigid’s day rolls round and you see the Crocuses or on St. Patricks day when you see the bright yellow daffodils leading the charge from winter to spring.  It will remind you that brighter days are ahead as you slip back into the days of spring and the whole cycle of life begins anew!

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