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Planting Advice & Virtual Consultations

White cherry blossoms on a tree.


There is a wide variety of trees available for sale here in Rockbarton, including but not limited to Birch, Weeping Birch, Oak, Copper Beech, Green Beech, Magnolias, a variety of Cherry Blossoms, Cratageus, Hornbeam and much much more. If you’re not sure which would be right in your garden space feel free to reach out to Lynda to ask for some help.

Purple Delphinium flowers in the summertime.

Perennial Flowers

Perennial Flowers are flowers that will come back year after year. They will die back in the winter as if there is nothing there and start growing again when the weather heats up as we come back into Spring.

We have many Perennial flowers in stock, everything from the Erysimum Bowles Mauve, to the Queen the Border, Delphiniums, Alstromerias, Lupins, Poppies, Foxgloves, to name but a few.

You can shop these here on our website or if you need some guidance and help to pick out the best plants for your garden, the team at Rockbarton are happy to help you choose from the fantastic selection so you will have a garden that flowers all summer long.

Pink and red flowers in a hanging baskey.

Hanging Baskets & Window Boxes

Add instant colour to your garden – you can drop off your empty hanging baskets/window boxes/pots and we will fill them. All you need to do is pick out your preference for which colours and any familiar favourite flowers and we’ll do the rest – ready then for you to pop at your door or on your windows at home

There is no additional charge for this service, you only pay for whatever goes into the baskets/boxes. And if you don’t have any hanging baskets or containers not to worry, we have a wide selection here in Rockbarton ready to go, or indeed pick your container and plants and we’ll get them all put together for you.

A tidy, well organised back garden with seating area.

Your Living Garden Space

If your garden is in need of some attention and you’re not sure where to start, we can help.

Whether you are looking to create the picture perfect cottage garden, infuse your space with colour or need advice on how to grow fruit and veg, Lynda can offer you direction and guidance.

Consultations available via email and phone.

Email: with pictures of your space and an appointment slot will be allocated to you.

A selection of green shrubs in a garden.

Business and Work Environment

Being so connected through technology sometimes means that we forget how important and meaningful it is to find a connection in nature.

If you need advice on how to incorporate plants into your work environment please get in touch for a bespoke consultation.


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