Thyme (common variety)


Thyme is an aromatic, low growing herb making it an ideal choice for edging of pathways or filling in pots/containers on  sunny patio or window sill.

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Thyme is a herb that is really easy to grow in both pots or in the ground.

I have planted my own thyme with parsley as it’s my favourite combination of herbs to use in my bread stuffing. I keep it close to the kitchen door so that don’t have too far to travel when I need to harvest it.

Thyme is best planted in full sun, you can easily plant it in the ground or in pathways or as an edging plant.  Whichever suits your circumstances best.  When you brush past it on pathways, it releases it’s amazing aroma.  Thyme is low maintenance and likes to be planted in full sun.

Supplied in a 9cm Pot


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