Rosemary officinalis


Rosemary is perfect to plant where you will brush past it for it’s aromatic fragrance and close to the kitchen so you don’t have too far to walk when harvesting it for using with your roast potatoes.

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Rosemary officinalis  is a very fragrant herb that grows upright with blue flowers during the summer month, it easily grown into a sizeable shrub if not being used in the kitchen.  Given the flowers and fragrance it always holds a spot in my own garden.

Plant your Rosemary in a sunny sheltered spot, ideally somewhere that you will brush past it so that you can smell the aroma as you’re walking past it.  It can easily be grown in the herb garden, or even mixed in with flowers and shrubs. Rosemary can also be planted into pots for ease of access near the kitchen. .

Rosemary is one of those herbs that is renowned for using when cooking lamb or even roast potatoes.

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