Rockbarton Honey


Rockbarton Honey is the product produced by our local honey bees which are carefully cared for by David & John.

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Rockbarton Honey was the brainchild of David & John Sheehan, they started their hive collection during 2019. (they were aged 11 & 9 at the time)

The honey bees will forage for nectar and gather pollen as they move from flower to flower throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.  In doing so they will pollinate each plant that they visit.  The nectar and pollen they collect, is brought back to the hives and are used to create 100% pure Irish honey.

David & John care for the honey bees throughout the year, until the bees hibernate during the colder winter months.

Please note that there is limited supply of Rockbarton Honey,

Not suitable for children under 12 months

Net weight 227g



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