Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia (Cherry Laurel)


Laurel is a fast growing and evergreen hedge, meaning it keeps its leaf all year round. The leaves are large and glossy and it is really popular as a hedge.

Laurel is great to provide quick growing private screen.  They are hardy and easy to grow and maintain.

Laurel can be planted in full sun and full shade and in most soil types

Pruning, laurel can be fast growing and it needs to be pruned once a year.  The best time to prune the laurel hedge is during late spring or early summer, this will give the hedge a chance to recover from the pruning as it will have lots of new growth during the growing season.


Note:  Bareroot Season is from November to March – Currently all bareroot plants are SOLD OUT.

There are potted laurel plants in stock, call Lynda on 0879911463 for prices and sizes available .

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