Helianthemum – Rock Rose (White/Pink/Red)


The Helianthemum also known as a Rock Rose or Sun Rose can do well as part of a rockery, or in  the front of your shrub border as they don’t get very big. There are several different varieties available.  Rock roses love full sun and light, well drained soil which is not too rich.

Pruning, cut back in late July and remove any dead flowers.

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Helianthemum is also known as a Rock Rose.  It is evergreen leaves with flowers all during the summer. The colour of the flowers depending on the variety.  The Rock Rose, nearly shakes off the flowers at night time to have lots of new flowers the next day.

Rock Rose is a low growing shrub, that needs little maintenance.  At the end of the summer, once it has finished flowering, cut back to shape the plant. It is available in White/Pink/Red and Yellow.



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