Green Beech Hedging 60-90 cm


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Green Beech Hedging, available 60-90cm.  Green beech plants can be used as both hedging plants and as trees.  Green beech is  a popular hedge and once trimmed regularly it makes an excellent hedge with green foliage during the summer months.

During the autumn these leaves change to a crispy brown, however they cling onto the branches over the winter until the new growth starts to appear in the spring.

Green beech is a great privacy screen and shelter. You can prune the green beech hedge to keep it at the desired height and width.

Planting the Green Beech hedging in full sun or partial shade and plant 1 plant per foot.

Pruning ,during the summer months once you have checked that there are no birds present.

This is available as BAREROOT HEDGING



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