Galanthus – Snowdrops in the Green


Snowdrops in the green can be planted immediately and will flower early from January, they are excellent for bees and other pollinators.

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Galanthus  – Snowdrops in the Green.

Snowdrops in the Green are snowdrop bulbs that have already been planted for you into small pots.  These will flower this year and will come back year after year.  Snowdrops have white flowers that will hang down like a little nodding head from green stems with green leaves.  They will flower from January and are a great pollinator for bees.

Snowdrops in the Green can be planted into bigger pots or alternatively you can plant them into the ground.

Supplied in 9cm pots , for €10 you will receive 3 pots of Snowdrops which will have between 3 – 6 shoots in each pot.

Plant approx 5cm deep and about 3cm apart.



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