Fittonia mix


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Fittonia can also be known as the nerve plant, or mosaic plant, as it has striking patterned foliage.  They come in a number of different patterns. Fittonia groWs in a compact mound, slowly spreading habit. 

Fittonia will grow best in a bright room with filtered light and humidity.  Bathrooms and kitchens out of direct sunlight really suit them. Avoid putting them near doors/windows where it can experience a change in temperatures. 

Your fittonia needs careful watering, preferably with filtered water, rainwater or boiled water from the kettle that has cooled. Water it thoroughly and let the pot drain until no more water is dripping through the holes in the bottom of the pot. Allow the compost to almost dry out between watering – sometimes the plant will start to droop, telling you it is time for the next watering (pick up the pot so that you get to know how light it feels when it is drying out).

To maintain humidity, mist the leaves a couple of times a week (this may not be necessary in the bathroom or kitchen, which tend to have more moisture in the air) or sit the pot on a dish or tray containing a layer of pebbles and water, which evaporates to create a microclimate around the plant. Alternatively, create a microhabitat by grouping your fittonia with other leafy house plants.

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