Fatsia Japonica Spiders Web


Fatsia Japonica, the Castor Oil Plant has wide tropical evergreen leaves that is suitable for growing outdoors in the garden.

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Fatsia Japonica Spiders Web, also known as the Castor Oil plant, is a medium sized evergreen shrub,with a stunning large glossy variegated leaf.

Fatsia Japonica Spiders Web has small white flowers during October, but it is really for it’s wide leaves, they can reach 45cm in width that you would grow this shrub.

Fatsia likes full sun and or shade. Fatsia can be perfect for pots for your patio, particularly if you have a shady corner, they can also be used as a feature plant in your garden.  Amazing tropical looking leaves. I have used them in pots here at Rockbarton and have found that they require little work.

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