Elephant Garlic


Elephant garlic loves to be planted in sunshine and will reward you with lots more cloves of garlic if planted before the Winter months, planting from September to October.

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Elephant Garlic is Garlic that is twice the normal size of Garlic that you would usually buy in the supermarket. Elephant Garlic is suitable for planting from September until November.  You can harvest the Garlic from July.

When planting your Elephant Garlic, you will  see that the cloves are much bigger than usual, so you will need to give them a little more room for growing.  Plant the cloves 4-6 inches deep, this is about 10cm to 15cm.  Distance wise, you would need to plant them 8-10 inches apart, which is 20 cm to 25 cm.

Garlic doesn’t need  a whole lot of room to grow, I know people that have planted them into old Belfast sinks/bathtubs that they’ve left out in the garden. Garlic needs the cold days of the winter for the garlic to split into cloves. Plant in full sun.



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