Daffodils ‘Golden Ducat’


Daffodils ‘Golden Ducat’ produces Stunning double petaled blooms of yellow flowers in early to mid Spring.  Ideal in a protected border or as cut flowers in your kitchen vase.

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If you are looking stunning Spring blooms then ‘Golden Ducat’ is exactly what you are looking for.  It has layers and layers of bright golden petals and is a sight to behold.  As is often the case with doubles, they do not appreciate too much wind, so try not to plant it in an exposed aspect.

It will provide splendid cut flowers on stems up to a height of 35 cm.  It does well in a slightly protected spot in the garden.  It also makes for glorious cut flowers in you kitchen vase.

Plant in Autumn for flowers in early to mid Spring.

Packet contains 3kg of bulbs


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