Cratageus (Whitethorn)



Whitethorn, Hawthorn is a native hedge and one that you will see throughout the countryside.  It is often used on farms to separate paddocks and fields or as a native hedge.

Description of Whitethorn Hedging

Whitethorn hedging has thorns and is deciduous (losing its leaves during the winter months).  It is easy to maintain and is quick to grow.  Duiring the month of May the branches are covered with white flowers and in autumn, there is an abundance of red haws.  The Whitethorn is great for our wildlife and is a really hardy hedge.

Planting Whitethorn Hedging

Plant during the winter months as bareroot plants from November to March, with 1 plant per foot. Make sure to keep new hedges well-watered for the first couple of years.

Plant Whitethorn hedging in full sun or partial shade and in most soil.

Pruning can be completed during Autumn.


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Hedging Bare Root

1 -99 Plants, 100 – 120 cm, 99+ Plants

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