Cornus Kousa China Girl


Cornus Kousa China Girl has creamy white flowers that change during the Autumn to stunning oranges/reds with strawberry like fruits.

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Cornus Kousa China Girl

China Girl is an Ornamental Tree,with an abundance of creamy white flowers from June.  China Girl would suit as a centrepiece in a shrub or mixed border or even in an area by itself.

The fruit of the Cornus Milky Way is in the accompanying picture and they are in abundance during the Autumn.  They look like strawberries sitting on top of the leaves which begin to change colour before the Cornus Kousa China Girl looses its leaf for the winter months.  Cornus Kousa China Girl would also suit a small garden in an urban setting.

In years gone past I have seen this particular tree used in show gardens in Bloom in the Phoenix Park.

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