Contado F1 Onion Sets


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Contado F1 Onion Sets are like tiny small onions, that are called sets. From these small sets, your onion will grow over time to the large onion that you use for making your stir frys, stews

Contado onions are very easy to grow over winter and produce a high yield of onions.  If you plant them from September to December, they are cold hardy and won’t mind the cold winter weather at all. Contado onions store really well once they are harvested.

Onions sets can be sown from September right through to December. The earlier you plant them, the earlier you will be able to harvest your onions.  Once they are ready for harvesting, you can lift them from the ground and dry them in a polytunnel/or on a wire track in full sun, just don’t let them get drowned with rain when drying out.

Onions can be stored in a cool shed, where they’re not in direct sunlight and they’ll keep for about 8-12 months.


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