Ceanothus Repens – Californian Lilac


Ceanothus are also known as the California lilac. They flower from April until July and love to be in full sunshine.  They love the shelter of a warm wall behind them too.

Pruning – You don’t really need to prune these unless you want to remove anything that’s been damaged. Cut back just after it’s finished flowering.

Size of Plant – 3 Litre Pot

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Ceanothus Repens is an evergreens shrub that has an abundance of blue flowers from April until July.  Repens is the variety that is low growing and will reach to about the height of your knee, approx 50cm.  Ceanothus Repens, will grow in width to approx 3 feet.  It looks well planted to the front of a flower bed or border.

Ceanothus Repens likes to be planted in a sheltered spot with not too much wind and will full sun.

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