Betula Jacquemontiii (Himalayan Birch Tree)


Birch Jacquemonnitti is different, in that the bark is pure startling white. It is a medium sized tree, which is relatively slow growing.  The Birch Jacquemontii can grow to 20m which is 70 feet, it usually has a single stem with an open crown which allows the sunshine through.

The best time to prune a Birch Jacquemontii is late summer or early autumn, the reason for this is if you prune the tree during the winter months, they will bleed a heavy flow of sap if woken from their winter rest and pruned during the winter months.

Click here to see how to plant a bare root Birch Jacquemontii Tree

Click here to see how to plant a potted Birch Jacquemontii Tree


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