Pesky Pests on my Lupins

Pesky Pests

Pesky Pests are eating my flowers. What is eating my Lupins?? And is there something attacking my Roses as well… nooo…

This year, more than any other year, the aphids are on the attack. The current weather is perfect for them, they love the warmth and dry conditions that we are experiencing at the moment. They build up large armies of pests on the buds of many types of flowers. When the buds go to open, they may open but be smaller in size than usual, or fail to open at all.  Which when you’ve spent the last few months, waiting to smell those fragrant Roses, it is just a touch annoying.

Solutions for Aphids eating your plants

  1.  There are a couple of things that you can do, you can go around and remove all the green flies and squish them between your fingers – it can be oddly satisfying! Smaller birds will eat them, but I’m not sure I would rely on them completely.  They might not be eating them quickly enough before the aphids have damaged your plants completely.
  2.   You can use Rose Clear or similar spray on the roses, it is best to apply this early in the morning, or late evening so that it doesn’t affect any other insects. A homemade remedy of washing up liquid with water also works well, although, you might have to apply this solution more regularly. Garlic is sometimes added to the water and washing up solution too.  These same solutions can be used for the Lupin aphid, which looks a little different but causes similar amount of damage.
  3. Growing Success Safer Gardening Rose Guard, is a spray bottle which contains natural ingredients. It is perfect for treating green and black-fly, perfect for your roes and is pesticide free.
  4. Companion planting is another solution to the green flies epidemic, consider planting garlic and chives near to your Roses. This should keep the greenfly at bay. Nepeta is another plant that will also repel the greenfly from your plants

Earwigs on my Dahlias

Earwigs are another pest , they just love to eat your Dahlias. They love to eat the flower petals at night time and hide in the petals during the day. So give your Dahlia a little shake to see if you can encourage them to drop out of the flower blooms. You can also trap them by putting some straw into a flower pot and turn it upside down on a bamboo – this will encourage them to go into the upturned pot and not your Dahlia flowers.

The very best of luck, I’m off out again to check my Roses!

Farmer’s Market at Rockbarton

Our next Farmer’s market is on Sunday July 11th, from 10am until 2pm.  Our Farmer’s market, has more than 25 stalls being spoilt for choice with crepes, hot sandwiches, coffee, cheese, ceramics, candles, original paintings, wreaths, and so much more.  It is a great opportunity to support local craftspeople and see their products in person.

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