October Gardening

October Gardening

I love to sit out in the early morning with a blanket and admire the peace of the October garden.  By now the leaves are starting to turn a kaleidoscope of orangey hues and the berries are showing colour on the trees  There is a weird morning silence at this time of year as the last of the swallows depart for their six-month-long package holiday.  In the quiet of the grey light, it feels as though I might be the only person left in the world.  It is a satisfying moment of tranquillity before the madness of a new day begins.

Alas, for all this being present in the moment and appreciating he joys of Autumn, there is still work to be done!   October, is a good time to get the garden ready for the winter.  Jobs this month include cutting back perennials, if you’re not leaving the seed heads for birds.  Clearing fallen leaves from under trees, mulching the beds with compost/bark.  It is also a good time to protect your tender shrubs such as tree ferns with fleece and to take up your banana plants for the winter months.

Dividing Perennials

I usually try to divide my perennials in October.  Geums, Achillea, Geraniums, Day Lily, Hostas and Nepetas are easy to divide but I recommend waiting until they have been in the ground for two years, so that the plants have well established roots.  When replanting, put some chicken pellets and compost with the newly divided plants, this will give a slow release food to the plants for when the temperatures start to increase.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

October is a good time to plant Spring flowering bulbs, daffodils, snowdrops, alliums.  They like a spell of cold weather before the temperatures start to increase during the Spring which gives them the signal to start growing and flowering.  Alliums are statuesque balls of purple on top of long green stems.  Here is a little tip for planting your Alliums, put down bamboos or small sticks where you are thinking of planting so that you can see how they will look when they flower.  Alliums are great to give that “wow” effect when in flower in May.  I know some of my customers, dry them and spray them with silver/gold for decoration come December time!

By now the colder weather and rain may have left your summer pots looking a little worse for wear.  It might be time to freshen them up with winter flowering heathers, pansy’s, violas and cyclamen.  There is nothing like a spot of colour to lift your mood and give you a positive perspective.

There are lots of Autumn Bedding plants now in stock, along with a great selection of bulbs that can be planted now for next Spring.  If you need any inspiration follow me on facebook/Instagram, I’ll have lots of potted planter ideas coming up along with bulb planting suggestions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call in or ring me.

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