My Top 5 Perennial Flowers

What are Perennial Flowers and should I have them in my garden? These are questions that I’m often asked here at Rockbarton Garden Centre. Perennial flowers are simply flowers that will flower year after year, They generally die back into the ground during the winter, but come spring they revive when the temperatures increase enough for growth. There are literally thousands and thousands of varieties of perennial flowers, Some suit a shady corner, some suit a sunny border, others flower all summer and still more flower during the autumn months when there’s very little else colour left in the garden. For today, I’m picking some of my top Perennial performers, the reason being, that these in particular put on a great show and flower for really long periods of time.

Do you have any favourites in your garden? I’d love to hear about what your favourite plants are.

I’ll be posting in the next few weeks about my favourite trees, so watch this space. I’ll also be advising on the right plants for a shady spot in the garden that may need something colourful to brighten it up! If you’d like to keep up to date about my blog, then just enter your email address and I’ll email you our latest post and any offers that we have here at Rockbarton Garden Centre.

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Now, here’s that top 5 perennials that I promised! Happy Gardening, Lynda

Erysimum Bowles Mauve
These purple/mauve flowers are stunning in the grey/green foliage. Erysimum Bowles Mauve will flower from April right through until August. This is a perennial wallflower and will come back year after year and it is extremely hardy. It likes the soil to be well drained, so avoid anywhere it’s going to get water logged, It enjoys a sunny aspect and can spread up to 3 feet or 1 metre if it’s given the room. (Pictured is the Erysimum just in bud)


These will flower from July right through until October and possibly November if the weather is mild. They come in a myrid of colours and the foliage can be green/purple depending on the variety. They are sown as tubers in late Spring, they like full sun and well drained soil. Some gardeners lift their dahlia tubers after the first frost and store in a shed for the winter until the weather improves. (I leave them in the ground with a good mulch and risk that I might loose them!)

Geranium Cranesbill

These are hardy Geraniums, not to be confused with the bedding Geraniums, some varieties such as Rozanne and Johnsons Blue will flower from April through to October. They can do well in sun or part shade and with a bit deadheading you will get lots more flowers. This picture is Geranium Rozanne, am particular favourite of mine, it works really well to the front of the border and it will spread along giving lots of colour throughout the season.


I love these as they flower from May until November and if I’m looking to bring flowers into the house, I know that I’ll get three weeks out of them without a problem. Also, they will still be flowering in October when there’s so little else in the garden that can be brought into the house. They are a must have for me in my garden.


The variety pictured here is the popular Lucifer. It has bright red flowers and long tall green stems reaching almost 3 feet (1 metre) in height. They grow from corms, which is similar to a bulb, from mid summer onwards and make a striking display. They really like a sunny spot, but don’t like to be in soil that is too dry during the summer.

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