Getting Ready for Autumn

The rain over the past few days may not have been great for the staycationers and holiday-makers.  However, it has been a boon for the gardener.  My salvias and perennial lobelias look great and are literally jumping out of the ground.  Also, I love a good shower of heavy rain, there is something mesmerising and therapeutic about it.  Although, I have had enough of it now for a while.

The avid gardener must always be planning ahead and now is a great time to get ready for the Autumn Season that is coming upon us.  There is still lots of colour to be had in the garden and the following will give you a few ideas on how to extend the season in your garden.

  1. Plant perennials that will flower later in the season.

Plants such as Rudbeckia, Anemone, Actea Chrysanthemums will all extend the flowers in your garden.  Rudbeckia (also be known as a black eyed Susan), is a stunning daisy like yellow flower with a deep black/brown centre.  Anemones are white or shades of pink.  They do particularly well amongst trees and can self-seed and flower from August well into September/October.  Acteas have deep purple foliage and long reaching stems with fluffy white flowers that are really scented.  Plant towards the back of the border as they will get quite tall.  Chrysanthemems can come in a range of different colours and will flower well into October


  1. Evergreens to give a pop of colour

Grasses are fantastic to give texture during the Autumn months and can easily be used in a border or in your containers.  They come in a range of colours.  The Stipa Pony Tail is a dull to faded green, the Carex Eversheen is bright yellow/green, while the Stipa arundinacea has a bronze tone to the leaves.  Heucheras are another evergeen that can be used in your borders or in your pots.  These are fantastic and also come in a range of colours.  Good examples are Forever Red, Golden Zebra and Marmalade.  Heucheras are a good one for a shady area. They grow into a clump of colour and require little maintenance.


  1. Foliage for Autumn

Things like the Virginia Creeper starts to come into its own during the Autumn months with the leaves turning crimson and red.  The Virginia Creeper is a self-clinging climber that suits a house wall, fence or behind a border.  Another Autumn favour is the Maple tree.  Liquidamber is a variety that gives amazing coloured foliage during the Autumn.  Its leaves turn into a kaleidoscope of orange, red and purple.  It is one of the last trees to loose its leaves during Autumn.


I hope you enjoyed these few hints to extend the points of interest in your garden for the Autumn months.  If you’re looking for any advice, or if I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to call and see me at Rockbarton.


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