Dusky December

December Dahlias

This time of year, it’s pretty busy in our household as I’m sure it is in every house.  Christmas lists are being made, and remade once they’ve seen the toy show. The garden centre is in full swing with wreaths being made, Christmas trees being wrapped for delivery and our Christmas market is in full prep mode. Marquees going up this week, potting up planters for Christmas gifts, and lots more.  So I’m not sure that I’ll get into the garden myself this month.  But if you find you have a few minutes, there’s a few things that you can still do for the garden at this time of year.


If you haven’t lifted them already, it has been getting colder over the last few days.  I would lift them now and store them in a crate in a cool, dark shed where they will be free from any frost.  (I would add, I cover mine in mulch in the garden and hope for the best, but there is a danger if there is a heavy frost I could loose them, I’m a risk taker!)

Bulbs & Garlic

If you haven’t sown your Spring flowering bulbs, there is still time to get them into the ground, or even into pots if you haven’t time to go and dig the ground.  The main thing is to get the bulbs planted, otherwise they’ll rot in the bag and they’ll be heading for the bin.  If you don’t have big enough pots, empty Tesco delivery crate, fill with compost, throw in your bulbs and cover.  This way, you’ll have the benefit of the flowers come Spring and you can plant them out in the garden when you have more time.

Garlic and Onion sets can also be sown now.  These will be ready to harvest in June, so you can clear them early and use the vegetable bed to sow something else in the garden, carrots, cabbage, or even Brussel sprouts!

Coffee Mornings

Thanks so much to everyone that came to our first Garden Club Coffee Morning, it was a huge success. Deborah from Terra Nova Gardens had cuttings to give away and tips for replanting them into your garden. There’s no charge, no committee, it’s just people coming together to chat about gardens, flowers, vegetables and tips and tricks we can share along the way. All are welcome

Our first Mom & Baby group was this week, with our next meeting on Friday 9th December at 11am.  This is to encourage us to get out and meet people and have the chats, again sharing our experiences or even our woes. I know that when the kids were small, there are times when I thought is it just me? If you didn’t make it, don’t worry, just come to the next one!

Dates for your Diary

Boutique Christmas Market – Sunday 4th December from 10am

Rockbarton Garden Club – Thursday 1st December at 11am

Rockbarton Mam & Baby Group – Friday 9th December at 11am.

Thanks as always for your support for Rockbarton, it is much appreciated. Wishing you and all a Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year.


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