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December is traditionally the time for the Christmas trees and our Fresh Irish Christmas Trees arrived here at Rockbarton Garden Centre on Wednesday 29th November.
Have you a date that you traditionally put up your tree? I know some like to have it up for the Late Late Toy Show. In our house we celebrate one of the kids birthdays on December 6th and I like to celebrate this and put up the Christmas tree after this date.
But either way, no matter when you decide to put it up if you want it to last through the Christmas season then you need to ensure to keep it watered. I place a pot precariously under the tree filled with water (well Bryan does!) and the base of the tree sits in the water!! Others like to put it in a bucket of sand or soil, but the main thing is to keep it watered so that it will stay fresh.  Try and put the tree away from the fire or radiators, so that it won’t dry out too fast.Christmas wreaths are another lovely Christmas tradition.  I make wreaths using natural foliage, with cones, ribbons and lots of sparkles.  I can make wreaths that are suitable for your door, or for a loved ones grave. There are always a large variety in stock and you can pick between using just natural decorations with limes, lotus heads, or go for something more colourful with reds, golds or silvers.  I can make to order, so just get in touch if you would like to order something

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We have Christmas Wreath Workshop here at Rockbarton Garden Centre every year, where everyone makes their own Christmas Wreath, using fresh foliage sourced locally.  We use holly, Golden King with lots of red berries, eucalyptus and pittosporum.  These are all different coloured foliage, with different leaf sizes and shapes which adds to the texture of your wreath. I also supply all the decorations, dried oranges, limes, lotus heads, cones, along with baubles, ribbons and bows.  There is never a shortage and  you get to fill your Christmas Wreath, so that it is full of colour and vitality. You will be the envy of friends and neighbours when they see your fabulous Christmas wreath on your door.

Hear more about our wreath classes 2018 – I  will email you before the date to remind you that it’s on.and the details of how to book.

I also make table centres using fresh flowers and foliage, in oasis with candles, robins and cones, maybe even a few apples! As they are all made using fresh materials, , , these are normally available from the 13th of December, I use lots of fresh foliage and flowers and find that if they are made after this date they will last through the Christmas period.   They area a beautiful addition to your Christmas table.

Wishing you and your family a safe, enjoyable Christmas.

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