Composting made Easy!

Composting made easy! Whatever your view of the “Green Agenda”, this week aspirational ideologies ran up against hard realities with the announcement that Bord na Mona has decided to stop harvesting peat from its bogs.  This decision may have very serious implications for the Horticulture Industry, who has for decades, relied on a steady supply …

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Hellebores in Flower Rockbarton GC

January Journey

January Journey As I’m writing this I’m just back from my 5k walk, I’ve been inspired by Lough Gur’s fundraiser to walk 5k a day for the month of January.  Thankfully the weather while cold has been dry each time that I’ve ventured outside it has remained dry.  I’ve met a few neighbours on the …

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Autumn Leaves

Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn We’re almost at the half way through October, but it’s only in the last few days that I feel we’re really into the Autumn weather. Crisp chilly mornings, with the leaves on the trees turning those amazing Yellow/Red/Pink autumnal colours. I’m not sure which time of year I love more, Autumn or Spring, …

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Planting Garlic

Planting Garlic… oh la.. la Have you ever planted your own garlic before? It’s really easy to grow your own garlic.  There are lots of different varieties of garlic available.  You can grow Elephant Garlic, which is a huge bulb of garlic to Germidor, which is an early variety with a mild flavour. If you’re …

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Garden At Twilight Rockbarton

Bye Bye September

Is anyone else lonesome saying Bye September? I don’t know about you, but all of this talk of Coronavirus, the “difficult winter” ahead and gloomy predictions by foreboding health experts is enough to give anyone heartburn.  If you feel that a fog of impending doom is bearing down, you are probably not spending enough time …

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